Historical Features of the Property

After taking your first steps onto Twin Fields Farm’s property, you will feel as if you have gone back in time. Not only does it feel still feel like a grand old home, but there are distinct well incorporated and preserved elements of the home and property that help to transport you back in time.

Cinderella bath tubs

Starting in the 1940’s, companies like Kohler and American Standard started developing designs for a tub that would go above and beyond all present models. These tubs were spacious, colorful, and offered surface storage, a feature not available in other lines. A wonderful feature of The Manor are the five original Cinderella bath tubs, the crowing feature of the upstairs’ ensuite bathrooms. They have been carefully kept and cared for to maintain their charm and splendor.

Cedar Closets

In four of the upstairs bedrooms, the side dressing rooms, original to the first floor plan of the home, have been converted into offices. In these offices, white doors hold a sensational secret: two closets in each room, constructed from rich and vibrant cedar. Like most of the older homes in the Southern Pines and Pinehurst area, the cedar is original to the area and serves as a reminder of the rich logging history this area boasts. Although development of this area was slow due to transportation and agricultural obstacles, when pine trees became a cash crop this area began to prosper!

Brewster Barn Fireplace

This grand artifact still stands strong in the renovated Brewster Barn. Originally serving as heat source and more, this fireplace provides a light into the past of how this farm and home used to function.

Bomb Shelter

Reminiscent of the Cold War-era, the Bomb Shelter (not pictured) is original to the home and characteristic of the time the house was built in. Southern Pine’s proximity to Fort Bragg and larger cities stirred up local concern during the Cold War, leading to the construction of shelters like this in residential settings. Similar structures can be found in other older homes around Southern Pines and adds to the historical charm of this community.

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